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Here’s some of today’s output

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like printed onto metal, paper or canvas.

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Getting it right with Bill Murray

Last year I painted such a bad portrait of Bill Murray that everyone thought it was Tom Hanks. So last night I began making a new one. I must say, I’m much happier with it.

Bill Murray 2021
Is that Tom Hanks? Why is he wearing a beanie?

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The significance of Poppy Day

In Flanders fields, poppies signify the bloodshed of WW1.
So when it comes to painting, why not just replace poppies with splashes of blood? The brutality is offset by the rising sun, a message that no matter how desperate the situation, the sun still comes up the next morning. You get another go at life.

Poppies of Flanders

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Painting in the digital medium is just as rewarding as with traditional methods

Here’s an Orangutan I painted in Procreate. I like using the flowing hair brush to layer the hair. If I tried that using watercolor, the paper would turn to mulch? If I used acrylic, there would be the risk of overpainting so much that I’d lose the under layers. This way I can add as many layers as needed to get the depth of texture I demand if my paintings.