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I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Los Angeles suddenly feels creepy and more dangerous than usual. One of my colleagues came back from his first visit to a Gun store. His face wasn’t white as a sheet, but he seemed really worried about something. Turns out that whist he was there, one of the customers had been talking his ear off about how it’s all going to kick off.

He probably didn’t use those exact words, after all this is Glendale not Chelsea. But after a day where no more than 2 customers came into our car dealership; I’d started to imagine how the next LA Riot couldn’t be far away.

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Some I did in Acrylic Paints

Before I began painting in acrylic for the first time, I must admit I was apprehensive about the mess! But it’s nothing to worry about. I mean, yes it’s harder to get it off your clothes or surfaces. But due to how quickly it dries, there’s less chance of it dripping all over the place. Just a few basic precautions and I was painting on my kitchen table without incident.